Benzonatate oral: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

What Is Benzonatate

Benzonatate is kind of medicine which is used to treat cough and mitigate symptom of cough. Aminobenzoic acid ethyl ester and bromobutane condensate at 140-150 oC and then the product condensates with polyethylene glycol methyl ether at 105°C can generate Benzonatate. Benzonatate is yellow or blue viscous liquid, which is soluble in cold water and organic solvent, but not soluble in hot water. Benzonatate oral is sealed with capsule with yellow color. Generally Benzonatate oral is fit for child who is over ten years old. The drug has a look as sugar, which is attractive for children so that parents should be careful not to let child to take the drug without regulation. The most common occasion to take the drug is in cold day when child get cold and parents usually buy this kind of convenient drug.


                             Benzonatate Structure

Compared with codeine cough syrup, Benzonatate is safer and there is public report about psychedelic addiction because of drinking Benzonatate. But compound codeine cough syrup has been reported in many cases to have psychedelic addiction function on mental illness. Codeine is natural opiate alkaloids, whose cough effect is rapid and powerful; but also Codeine has a stronger analgesic effect than general anti-inflammatory drugs. The pharmacological effect is similar to morphine. When one takes long-term large doses, it can have physical and psychological dependence on codein. Compound codeine cough syrup is listed in mental drugs to be regulated and managed in many countries. Some compound codeine cough syrup is forbidden to sell in public market. Benzonatate has not been mentioned to have similar mental dependency on human. It is an over the counter drug in many countries. And Benzonatate has rapid effect on treatment of cough symptoms.

What Is Benzonatate Used For

The chemical structure of Benzonatate is similar with tetracaine so the drug has strong effect of local anesthetic. Benzonatate is made into oral capsule with liquid in it. After patient drinks Benzonatate, Benzonatate is absorbed by body system and is distriuted in the respiratory tract and the mitigate function of lung stretch receptors and sensory nerve endings significantly to suppress lung – vagal reflex. Thereby Benzonatate blocks the afferent impulses of cough reflex. That is why Benzonatate has antitussive effect. The antitussive effect of Benzonatate is lower than that of codeine and doesn’t inhibit breathing function of human body. After bronchial asthma medication, the breathing is deepened and fasten that minute ventilation increase. The funtion can work in 10 to 20 minutes after oral administration and the valid period can last for 2 to 8 hours. It is seem as one way to mitiaget symptoms of cough. So many patients select to take the drug to treat cough. Commonly the drug is used in treat irritating cough, cough and other cough which is caused by acute bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, and lung cancer.


Benzonatate Side Effects

Benzonatate sometimes can cause drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, chest tightness and numbness, rashes etc. adverse reactions. So it is strongly suggested that one should not drive after eating Benzonatate, and that the best time to take the drug is evening.
It is suggested no chewing while taking the drug. The mitigation effect on neutral end of Benzonatate oral may cause oral numbness.
Patient who has multi-sickness is forbidden to take Benzonatate.
There may be addictive effect by taking Benzonatat for mind stimulation and fascinating vision, when Benzonatat oral is taken together with some prescribe medicine.
Abuse of Benzonatat may cause physical and psychological dependence of water. one may have symptoms of lacking of appears tremor, insomnia, spasms, convulsions and emotional irritability, behavioral control once here is the “water addiction” attack and no timely drinking.

Benzonatate Dosage

The suggested dosage for child is 300mg one day. The dosages should be divided in 3 times. If required, the maximum dosage can reach 600mg one day. But it is suggested to take the drug under guidance of doctor. In order to avoid side effects of Benzonatate, patient should swallow Benzonatate oral capsule without breaking the seal and wait for release of medicine in stomach.

Adverse Reactions

There is seldom adverse reaction report about Benzonatate. But children below 10 may have symptoms of Palpitations, tremors, convulsions, coma and cardiac arrest. FDA ever reported that one child died of mistaking Benzonatate oral, it is suggested by FDA that the drug should be deposited in the place where child couldn’t touch, if child take the medicine with mistake, the child should be sent to hospital at once.

Benzonatate Overdosage

Overdose of Benzonatate have more impacts on child than on adult. In severe occasion, overdose of Benzonatate may result in death of an adult. Report about unintentional intake of Benzonatate oral make the death of a child was ever reported.


For pregnant women: there is no obvious experience about whether Benzonatate is not permitted to take the drug, also there is no report about Benzonatate can do fatal harm to pregnant women or can affect reproduction procedure. It is not suggested that pregnant women to drink Benzonatate to stop cough because overdose of Benzonate oral is harmful to an adult health. Pregnant women are suggested to treat a cough with more natural treatment method, such as braise snow pear and rock sugar, which has more liability to treat coughing people whose body is cautious to take any medicine.
For breast milk feeding: there is no mention about whether Benzonatate can be excreted in breast milk. When nursing women needs to drink Benzonatate oral to stop cough, it is suggested to take this medicine with guidance of doctor or turn to have natural traditional medicine such as braise snow pear and rock sugar.
Child: Child below 10 is forbidden to drink Benzonatate oral. There is case of resulting in death reported in child below 10. Do keep the drug out of correspond age child. As Benzonate oral has beautiful color and dragees, which is attractive for child. Parents are suggested to have safekeeping of the drug.

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